Adele announces new album

With a new hit single and music video, plus an album on the way, Adele is back


After a five year hiatus, the British singer/songwriter Adele is back with a new album titled 25, set to release on Nov. 20.

The last time Adele released a new album, Lebron had just taken his talents to South Beach, the Lakers were the second best team in the Western Conference and the world was supposed to end in less than a year, according to “Mayan prophecy.”

A lot can change in five years. One thing that hasn’t is Adele’s soulful voice and her top quality music.

“She has incredible vocals and raw emotion,” senior Ruth Tiguh said. “Overall, she has genuine talent.”

Adele’s comeback is one that the music industry will not forget for a long time. Her new song, “Hello,” has now been on top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts for the second straight week. Adele has already broken records, “Hello” was the first song ever with a million digital downloads in only a week. The song has been downloaded upwards of 1.11 million times. It was also streamed four million times on Spotify during the first day that it was released.

Though some AHS students were still in middle school when her last album came out, many greatly appreciate her return.

“‘Hello’ is a good song. It really suits her powerful voice and I’m very glad she’s back. She sings the story of my life,” junior Saad Farooq said.

“Hello’ is one of my favorite songs right now,” senior Jashon Reams said. “I am excited that she is back because she is a very talented artist. I like how her music is emotional.”

The music video for “Hello” was directed by Xavier Dotson who has worked with many notable artists such as Usher, Migos, Future and Nicki Minaj. The music video currently has over 300 million views on YouTube.

“It was cute seeing Dixon Wilson in the music video as her significant other,” Tiguh said.

According to Adele, the album represents the mindset she had when she was of that age. Adele had a really difficult time putting this album together. After her album 21, Adele planned to retire, but she changed her mind. Adele took a hiatus to raise her son. She struggled with writer’s block when trying to get back into songwriting.

Now the 10-time Grammy award winning songstress is returning with an album that could potentially earn her even more.

“Of course I’m buying her new album,” Reams said.

“I’m probably going to buy it as soon as it comes out,” Tiguh said.