Gucci Mane releases long awaited album Mr. Davis

Gucci Mane releases long awaited album Mr. Davis

Christian Reyes, Entertainment Editor

Fans have been hearing about Gucci Mane’s second commercial project of the year since Aug.27,when he first announced the album’s title, tracklist, and cover art. Gucci Manewas set to release it on Sept.15, but later announced that the album would be released on Oct.17 via twitter. Gucci released the album a couple of days earlier than expected, on Oct.13.

Mr. Davis features some of Gucci Mane’s hottest singles, including “I Get The Bag,” “Curve”, and “Tone It Down.” With many featured artists like The Weeknd, Young Dolph, Migos, Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign, Nicki Minaj, and A$AP Rocky, its hard to pick a favorite song off the album. Gucci Mane really sets the tone for the album with his intro song, “Work In Progress.” The heavy use of bass and his flow easily make the song a banger.

Out of the 17 tracks, only 6 have no features or co-artists. Gucci really goes in on these solo tracks, holding nothing back. The song “Members Only” is a personal favorite. A song with a simple chorus and a soft beat, it is a song you can listen to on the way to school, before a game, or just at home relaxing. Gucci Mane and The Weeknd also have a song on the album together. The song “Curve” is one of the most listened to songs. Released as a single before the actual album, it caught on quick with a younger intended audience.

Gucci and The Weeknd also performed together this past month at the Starboy Concert that took place at Capital One Arena, so there is no doubt that when these two artists collab they are making a potential hit single.
Out of the total 17 tracks, the majority of them do not dissapoint. Although there is a couple songs that you’ll probably end up skipping or deleting, Gucci Mane’s Mr. Davis is an album you should definitely take a look at and listen to.