Singing Valentines

Grace Hogye

Lina Al Taii, Entertainment Editor

The annual singing valentines has become a tradition at AHS every February. During this busy season, the Choral Program finishes up Broadway Desserts and jumps right into fundraising through the singing valentines.

During the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, the chorus program sold tickets for singing valentines. In order to buy a singing valentine for a friend or significant other, you need five dollars, their name, class period and you can write a small note to them on a card

Singing valentines consist of a wide range of songs for friendships, beginning relationships and serious long-term relationships.

Senior Everett Stenberg and his singing ensemble enthusiastically perform Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon.”

“I think the singing valentine’s program is great because it gets the chorus program to work with the rest of the school,” senior Chorus student Tristan Dock said. “The rest of the school gets to see what we’re like outside of a concert environment. It’s great for the future of the school because it’ll connect everybody.”

Singing Valentine’s is a tradition at AHS that brings happiness and celebration to our classrooms, and lets everyone get a chance to connect with the Choir students as well.