Homecoming Dresses; Online or In-Store?

Jane Elkins, Staff Writer

With Amazon, eBay and a million other shopping websites and apps, I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people have ordered something online. We all know it can be a little risky, but we do it anyway because it’s way easier than going to a store. Any girl who’s attending any sort of event knows the endeavor of finding the right dress. Whether it’s Homecoming, Prom, a formal, or any other party, it can get difficult. Especially with Homecoming being this Saturday and so early in the year, it can be very short notice to find a dress. Is it too risky to order a dress online or should you spend hours in a store looking for the right one?

Online shopping is a very quick and easy option for people who are too busy to look in a store. One of the many advantages of online shopping is that finding simple dresses for cheaper prices is made easier for the customer. Sites make it so you can shop by price, color, and brand, which not only makes it faster but helps you stay within budget.

Although, you should still be careful with ordering online because some online stores may not be reliable, so you must make sure to check reviews on the sites before buying or order from stores that you know have actual locations.

On the contrary, when buying in store, you can try it on and ensure that you like it. By buying online, a “medium” in one store can be different from another. This a major benefit of shopping in a store because you can make sure that it fits nicely. Even though stores may seem the more expensive option, they tend to have many discounts and clearance sales.

You shouldn’t stress about something that could be so uncomplicated. Any dress, cheap or expensive, ordering online or bought in a store, will guarantee that you have a fun night.