Young Thug’s EP takes charts

On the Rvn shows different style from mainstream

The cover art features words like “prosecuter” and “Judge” which may be reference to Young Thug’s recent troubles with the police and his short prison sentence.

The cover art features words like “prosecuter” and “Judge” which may be reference to Young Thug’s recent troubles with the police and his short prison sentence.

Fatima Mohamed, Staff Writer

Nothing beats the excitement around a new rap album coming out. Jeffery Lamar Williams, Young Thug released his “On the Rvn” EP on Sept. 24.
Its overcrowded tracklist is primarily unknown. Lil Keed, Tracy T and Nechie and little verses from guys like Duke. It also features his sister and his partner, Karla.

A few days before Young Thug turned 27, he began touring the country with J.Cole. This generated lot of hype for his upcoming album, “Slime Language.”

The album had three songs on the U.S. Top 100 chart but is losing it’s numbers due to the release of rap icon, Lil Wayne’s, Carter V.
Thug then sent pet snakes to popular media outlets, like entertainment YouTubers and influencers, to promote the album.

The baby snakes were delivered with a tracklist for his latest album. Thug is a master at promotion and marketing which lands him on the top charts.

Young Thug, defies categorization. He’s mercurial and eccentric with every aspect of art. From the music he creates to his fashion, he has come a long way in his career. With regards, his music, “On the Rvn” had 6 songs.

This project features 6lack, T-Shyne, Jaden Smith and Elton John.

A fan favorite is the song “High” featuring Elton John. This struck many as a surprise due to a very unlikely feature. John is typically a country and rock artist and this is his first time being involved in a rap song.

Jaden Smith is an upcoming superstar. His feature on “Sin” is by far his most relevant guest appearance so far.

Doing his share of mumble rapping while also dropping some meaningful lyrics revolving around having women and ballin’.

Another favorite is “Climax” featuring 6lack, another popular rap, and hip-hop artist. This song incorporates a great beat with meaningful lyrics.
6lack recently dropped an album of his own called “East Atlanta Love Letter” on Sept. 14.

This EP that Young Thug released was to show the public how far he came with his songwriting and lyricism.

On The Rvn is Thug’s first successful attempt at seamlessly bridging old and new vibes.

Over the last half- decade, Thug’s flow and delivery have become more tangible. Having recently gone on a social media rant about “drip god,” it’s clear that Thug feels unappreciated these days. But by any and all measures, Young Thug is one of the most consistent rap acts of this decade.

Thug’s new album has been out for a little over two weeks and continues to accumulate more streams on every music platform.

With the release of two new albums in September alone, a very promising future has been laid out for the Atlanta native rapper as he attempts to rejoin the conversation of best rap artist out right now.