Use these free apps to succeed in school


Thonny Anwar, Staff Writer


This app helps students manage seemingly never ending amounts of homework. Todoist keeps track of everything, from just homework assignments to also long term projects. Organizing assignments into a list, and being able to add due dates, subjects and descriptions, ensures users don’t forget to complete anything.

Students can also build up a streak for every day they finish their daily goal of tasks and also view their daily and weekly progress.

Todoist is not only used for school, but for home, too. For instance, it can have reminders about chores, books to read and shows to catch up on. Using this app gives anyone the chance to build long lasting habits and academic and personal goals. The theme can also be changed to a Night Theme.

“This app really helps me, it’s like an online agenda,” Junior Ashley Reyes Rosales said. “When I first downloaded the app I was really confused on how to use it but the app has a lot of instructions and it gives you a couple of tips to get you started on developing organizational skills.”


Instead of spending hours writing flashcards just to lose them the day of a test, StudyBlue can be used to access study materials seamlessly at home, school or on the go. Not only flashcards but also study guides and notes can be created, enhanced with audio and images and shared with friends. Students can track their progress using study reminders and self quizzes. If another person’s flashcards are similar to the topic needed, then it can be duplicated to a new set with the option of adding more terms. StudyBlue also has the potential to be useful to teachers. Teachers can use this app to make quizzes for students, or flashcards and extra notes to help students prepare for tests.

“I always use StudyBlue for studying for quizzes and tests,” sophomore Ayaz Ahmed said. “The app lets you join classes that have multiple flashcards and study tools. I think this app is really good for me, because I’m not the best at making flashcards and I could just go on this app and use and study someone else’s premade, neatly organized flashcards.”


The days of flipping through textbooks to get notes and homework answers are over. This app helps students get homework help in all of their classes in a quick easy way. Socratic helps get information on all subjects like Math, Science, English, and more.

For this app, all students have to do is take a picture of any type of question or manually type it and then the app instantly gives step by step explanations, definitions, graphics, and videos.

The app uses strong text recognition technology which is a type of technology that recognizes text inside an image.

The app is well designed and the results are presented in the form of vertical cards.

“Once I started using Socratic I stopped searching things on Google,” sophomore Heather Garcia said. “This app is a super fast way for finding useful information and I don’t even have to look that hard. It’s like having a virtual tutor in your pocket.”

DMV Genie

Get ready for the car, motorcycle, or CDL learner’s permit and driver’s license test the right way. DMV Genie helps prepare students for the test with questions that are based on their state’s official driver’s manual.

This app gives detailed explanations and helps students understand when they get a question wrong. There are many difficulty levels that they can choose. Students can skip as many questions as they like and the app test stops as soon as they reach a passing or failing score.

By downloading this app and taking the practice test students are sure not to have any surprises when they take the actual test.

“DMV Genie was a great app to use when I was getting ready to prepare for my learner’s permit test,” senior Onik Anwar said. “The app had a lot of cool stuff to help me study like the personalized challenge which is a test that was made up of my missed questions from all my practice tests.”


From the makers of Duolingo comes a fun new way to prepare for a test and memorize vocabulary. Tinycards has over 10,000 flashcards on languages, history, sciences, and more.

In addition to offering thousands of already made flashcards with adorable pictures to make sure learning is appealing, it lets students create their own flashcards and share them with others.

Tinycards adapts to students learning with a technique called spaced repetition. Sometimes people might forget what they learned over time, so the app resurfaces the flashcards they’ve mastered. The app also notices which cards students struggle with and keeps reshuffling those throughout the flashcards until they consistently get them right.

“I used Tinycards a lot when I was in Spanish 1,” freshman Stephanie Manco said. “It is mostly for spanish beginners, but I still use it even though I’m in Spanish 3, just for a quick refresher to make sure I don’t forget the Spanish 1 material.”


Whether you’re struggling or simply want to improve in math this app might be your new best friend. Photomath can read and solve math problems ranging from arithmetic to calculus. All students have to do is scan the problem or question with their phone camera and the app instantly gives answers to the solution and different ways to solve it.

There is a calculator in the app where it allows students to fix a problem if it gets scanned wrong or they can just type it straight into the calculator with the same results. There is also a notebook feature which is a log of all the problems the student ever did, but it can be cleared.

“Photomath got me through both my Algebra classes,” senior Chadwick James Gore said. “I used the app to get detailed instructions on things I didn’t understand and to check my homework for any mistakes.”