The Wzrd debuts new style


Rapper Future (pictured above) poses for a picture in his photo shoot for his album The Wzrd.

Ayman Elhag, Entertainment Editor

Just days ago, rap icon Future, also known Nayvadius Wilburn, tweeted the tracklist to his 20 song album the Wzrd. The tweet blew up all over social media after being shared thousands of times. The tweet was posted on Jan. 17 and the album released the following day. The album had features from some of the hottest artists in hip hop today.

“The album is a statement by Future,” senior Abu El-Sadeg said. “People believed he was falling off but this put him back on top without a doubt.”

El-sadeg, a Future enthusiast, believes that this album is going to be that best rap album of 2019 although it is too soon to tell due to the release being recent.

However, the belief that the Atlanta native rapper, Future has been falling off the map was not incorrect. According to Complex, the combined sales of Future’s last two albums, “FUTURE” and “HNDRXX,” was less than his platinum album “Dirty Sprite 2”

“The Wizrd” has already topped the charts and has sold 130,000 units and over 12,000 hard copies in just its first weekend out. That number already closing in on the combined amount sold by Future’s two previous albums.

“Of Course I bought the album,” El-Sadeg said. “Future is the greatest rapper of all time in my opinion and I support him.”
El-Sadeg along with many others believe that this is Future’s best album to date and will help him regain his crown in the Hip-Hop industry and put him on the same status as notable rappers such as Drake and Travis Scott who have been consistently headlining national charts.

The album was not talked about by the rapper but was teased by the dropping of his single, “Crushed Up.” The single made it onto the Billboard Top 100 and was later topped by another song on the album, “First Off,” which features superstar artist Travis Scott.

“It is textbook for a rapper who feels like he or she is falling off to feature a rapper that us ‘on top’ when trying to get back on top. This was a smart move by Future” said Elsadeg.

Future also featured his longtime friend and rap artist Young Thug, and upcoming artist Gunna on his track, “Unicorn Purp.”
“That song is simply just a bump,” El-Sadeg said. “There is no way else to describe it. Simple a banger.”

The album starts relatively mellow and slows with the track “Never Stop,” which is unlike any other Future album. This demonstrates Future’s attempting to step out of his comfort zone by trying something, unlike his normal style.

The album is then contrasted by the next track, “Jumpin’ on a Jet” which is more in-line with Future’s typical style of hardcore rap with intense beats and a hard base.

The only features on the album are two of the last five songs on the album. Future stated in a recent interview with Complex that he “wanted to put them last because they would help with sales but he really wanted to have this album to showcase his talent and tell all the haters that he is still on top.”