Students help Disney Plus prosper

It has been exactly one month since the one of the top leaders of the entertainment industry, Disney divulged its future as a company.

This was done through the release of the new streaming service, Disney Plus, which was to surmount competition with other rivals such as Apple TV (who recently upgraded their service to Apple TV Plus), Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO.

When it comes to what is actually included with the streaming service, Disney has taken almost every one of its major productions and compiled them into one giant archive.

Overall, the service is a convenient way to access every major Disney production over the years from classic movies to new TV shows.

So, instead of having to rent one of the many Disney classics created over the years, fans can simply subscribe (for only $7 a month or $70 per year) for easy access to those productions.

“Personally, I would like to invest in an account, because I love Disney,” sophomore Andrew Zurita said. “But I could see why other people wouldn’t like it. This is because once you are finished watching old shows, there isn’t really much left to do.”

This access is something that has brought many to awe. In fact, on Nov. 12, the day that the service was launched, over 10 million people had registered.

“Disney plus is amazing because it has a wide variety of movies from my childhood and it brings back many memories,” sophomore Andres Pacheco said.

The skyrocketing number of Disney+ customers is more than double the amount of viewers HBO Now, another rival streaming service, gained in a little over three years.
However, there is one key difference between Disney’s new service and most of its competition, such as Netflix.
“I enjoy having Disney Plus because I can relax and watch shows I loved as a child. It’s convenient as well because Netflix has good content, but it doesn’t have the variety of Disney shows everyone loves,” sophomore Isabella Rodas said.
The shows that Netflix featured in their service released all at once, one season at a time. This brought about hype until the day that the show releases, which then evaporates after fans binge the show in one day.

Then, the audience goes silent until the show is to release another season when the process repeats.

Disney has taken this into account and are instead releasing new episodes every week, for example. This will help, what they say, to keep maintain the hype for longer.

Most of their shows are spin offs of other popular Disney movies such as those in the series of Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar. They have also agreed to feature other content from National Geographic to attract a more diverse audience.

However, up to this point, the most popular new show on the service has been The Mandalorian, a star wars based story that follows the life of a gunfighter through events that correlate with the actual Star Wars timeline.

The hands down most popular part of this show, as seen by most fans, is the appearance of baby Yoda, who has been fawned over since day one.

In all, with its 10 million and counting viewers, it is safe to conclude that Disney plus is just the thing that Disney fans have been awaiting to come.