Fast and furious on another ride


For many Fast and Furious fans, it was safe to say that The Fate of the Furious would not be the last ride.

This was proven correct with the release of the trailer for F9 which is set to release in May of 2022.

Many got tired of the franchise after the seventh movie and thought it would be the last one since the death of star actor Paul Walker.

Walker’s character Brian O’Connell is said to make a surprise return, as it has been six years since he passed away.

A character who made a return in the trailer and was predicted by many fans to die was Han Lue.

“The few recent ones have been more repetitive in what they do now, junior Evelyn Granadoz said. “At this point I know what to expect and what will happen.”

Overall, the main consensus by many fans is that the series should come to an end, as it has been over 19 years since the first release.

The main idea of the newer movies has simply changed.

“I have always been a big fan of the fast and furious series. When the first movie came out, it was based on cars and more racing than anything else,” junior Isabella Rodas said. “As the series goes on, the movies have started to include more action than cars.”

The trailer starts with Vin Diesel’s character, Don Toretto, saying he can’t live his life a quarter of mile.

Toretto says that no matter how fast they are, the past will catch up to them and that he just did.

At this point the gang has already reunited.

Toretto claimed the past was his abandoned brother.

“I am really looking forward to this movie, and I can’t wait to watch it,” sophomore Trisha Tran said.

However, it seems like the new Fast and Furious movies are just giving character siblings we did not know about.