Students go crazy for new BTS album


The popular South Korean boy group BTS has recently announced the upcoming release of their fifth studio album, BE, on Nov. 20, 2020. This news has caused fans to react excitedly and it was well-received globally.

BTS has proven to gain a massive following and their influence has reached many young people.
Through their music and videos, they display an extreme amount of symbolism and fans have shown a great deal of interest over the past few years.

The group had originally planned to go on their “Map of the Soul” world tour.

However, due to the pandemic, it was postponed and they were forced to quarantine. During their time in quarantine, the members confirmed that they were working on their next album.

Even though the group has not revealed much about their new album, BTS fans have speculated their ideas on what to expect from this album.

“BTS has been mentioning a lot in interviews that they miss [their fans] so much and the love they have for us is what keeps them going,” senior Holly Tran said. “Maybe their next album will focus on how love can be a person’s biggest encouragement.”

The group often expresses their immense love and gratitude for their fans through their music. “I think it’s going to be a somewhat tribute to [the fans],” junior Michelle Zou said.

Due to the symbolism in their songs, the members have reached an audience who is interested in their viewpoints on specific topics.

“What excites me about this album is that the music and concept of the whole album were created by the BTS members themselves,” senior Diane Nguyen said.

From the music video sets to the lyrics, BTS gives their audience the pieces of the message they want to portray and fans would work to make sense of it all. They convey strong emotion through their music and this is what interests fans.

With the album release only a month away, fans are enthusiastic about what’s to come from one of their all-time favorite boybands.