When is the right time to start decking the halls?

It’s the week leading up to Thanksgiving. The weather gets colder, family comes into town to celebrate, and Christmas music is blaring… Wait, that’s not right. Or is it?

Every year, early Christmas celebrations are bashed by students who believe in giving Thanksgiving its spotlight before going into the holiday season. On the other hand, some students believe that it’s never too early to spread some Christmas cheer.

Some students love Christmas so much that they take their first opportunity they are presented with to embrace their Christmas Spirit.

“The right time to start Christmas activities is before Thanksgiving,” senior Madison Cruz said.

Cruz and her family start their Christmas celebration the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

“My family sometimes decorates gingerbread houses the week of Thanksgiving. This year, my family decorated our house and put up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving,” Cruz said.

While some argue that before Thanksgiving may be too early for Christmas celebrations, Cruz is not afraid to show her Christmas spirit even before then.

“As a sophomore, I was celebrating the Christmas season on Halloween when I dressed up as an Elf for the Halloween costume contest,” Cruz said.

On the contrary, some students think that anything from Christmas music to Christmas decorations should not even be a thought until after Thanksgiving. Junior Ryan Lehee strongly disagrees with anyone who would start their Christmas celebrations before Thanksgiving.

“I believe in one holiday at a time. Christmas music is only acceptable post Thanksgiving,” Lehee said.

Junior Anna Delaney also says any Christmas celebrations taking place “should be after Thanksgiving. “Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I like taking holidays one at a time to decrease anticipation time for the holiday, but as soon as Thanksgiving is over I am all ready for Christmas,” Delaney said.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we head into December, regardless of what side you are on you can freely participate in any Christmas activities without judgement from your peers.