Humans of Annandale- Maxwell Lanham


I started playing competitive basketball really early in my life. I was on my first team around kindergarten or first grade. From day one, I have loved it. Basketball has been a way for me to escape from all of my problems and obligations and just focus on the game. I have made so many good friends and made memories I’ll remember forever.
This season at AHS is looking really good. We have a competitive team this year. We want to win and we have a good chance of claiming a district title and hopefully a regional and state title as well.
Outside of school and basketball, I run my own business. I started a shoe cleaning business called Shoevenirss this summer. I have always liked sneakers and during the summer I wasn’t doing much besides basketball and was thinking of ways to pass the time and earn some money, so I decided to start Shoevenirrs. I clean all types of sneakers and hope to have a website up and running soon. Business kinda slowed down at the beginning of school, but it’s been picking back up in the past few weeks. It’s been hard to find time to clean shoes because I’m so busy at this point in the school year, but whenever I get a little bit of free time I try to do a pair. My favorite part about running Shoevenirrs is getting to clean some nice shoes that I couldn’t afford to buy myself. I’m a really big sneakerhead, so it’s exciting.
Sometimes balancing school, basketball, and my business is a struggle, but I try to take time to relax and take some deep breaths. I also try to get most of my homework done during the school day so by the time I’m out of practice, I can go home and relax a little. Even though it’s a lot of work, I enjoy being back at school in person and seeing my friends. I missed going to football games and attending school events so I’m glad we got that back.
After graduation, I’ll probably end up somewhere either in Virginia or its surrounding states. I plan on continuing my basketball career and majoring in finance.