Seasons of Blossom – Coming of Age Journey to Start January

Seasons of Blossom - Coming of Age Journey to Start January

The beginning of the year has started and as more memories are made,  Seasons of Blossom reaches its conclusion with a heart touching season

Seasons of Blossom is a well thought out story by authors HONG DUCK and NEMONE revolving around 4 main characters as the majority of them try to live their life, seeking out to identify missing pieces from their past and growing as individuals. Genres the story focuses on are romance, comedy and also other important heavy topics, suicide and bullying seen in later seasons such as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th arc. Each character in addition has their own season to develop and grow as a person, making it easy to go back and reread a character’s development. 

What I like about this webtoon is that it seems very lighthearted when you first end up reading it, but as new characters are introduced they’re seen to have not reconciled from their past like a character named Jaemin who lost his brother to suicide, or a character named Gaeul who experienced suicidal thoughts and pressure from a classmate of her’s. Although the story seems to be sweet and lighthearted, there is a lot of contrast between the the way a person looks at the story and begins to read it.

Recently, the final season follows the storyline of a boy named Dongchae who has been dealing with external conflicts at school such as bullying. Not much about his past has been revealed yet as the season only started in late fall. 

However, what is known about the story is the reveal that other students at his grade level have been using Dongchae to their advantage such as having parties or taking their anger out on him leaving him scarred. What is interesting about the progression of the story is that the main protagonist in the series is affected by this behavior, but he goes along with it. The intentions for doing so have not been revealed yet, however his sister often notices his unusual habits when he approaches home, and she decides that she has to do something for him before something unexpected happens where her brother’s life might be on the line. 

One thing I really enjoyed about reading this current season was that the sister of Dongchae took initiative to take actions towards keeping her brother safe. She understands that the situation Dongchae was in could result in terrible outcomes and didn’t wait to actually seek help from an acquaintance of hers, Jaemin. Hopefully they will be able to help Dongchae, and he doesn’t encounter the same fate as Jaemin’s only brother. 

Another interesting thing that I have seen in the season is the symbolism of the red duck keychain that Dongchae’s sister has. A few episodes back, the red duck symbolizes  a story about a victim of other people’s bullying. The story about the red duck is touching as he finds a turtle friend who the duck goes on adventures with. Although this indication is vague, the red duck may continue to play an important role in the conclusion of the series. It is unclear about the ending of the story, but if it is true that the duck reflects Dongcha and his sister, Jaemin might be that “friend” they were looking for all along. 

To summarize, Seasons of Blossom is a story I highly recommend because of the character development and the messages each story arc holds. While there is still much more to learn and read, each character journey is coming to an end in a full circle.