CES begins 2019 Year of Tech

Eyob Dagnachew, Staff Writer

The highly anticipated Consumer electronics show (CES) wrapped up January 11th, giving us a very good look at the trends we can expect to see in the tech industry in 2019. While CES was filled with interesting and new ideas, the biggest trend we saw at CES was the blandest one, TVs. Companies like Samsung and LG showed off new technologies for TVs like Samsung modular TV, where you can customize how big it is or LG’s rollable TV to make space in your home.

Another highlight of CES this year was AI, almost every company that had a press conference unveiled a smart product. Whether it was a TV with Amazon Alexa, a fridge with Bixby, or strangely enough a car charger with Google Assistant. To further this growing need to have everything include an AI assistant many if not all headphones reveal at CES feature some support for it, and to add to this many of the companies here said that they will be including support for the same assistant for their older products.

One very interesting trend that we saw at CES were fully autonomous taxi cars. Normally at CES, we would see some concept car from some start-up company that would promise that in one or two years they would start selling self-driving cars. But for us, that is not the case this year, With Lyft offering a taxi service that is made of self-driving cars all over Las Vegas where CES was being held

Wearables were also a very prominent trend at CES, with companies like Mobvoi continuing to make a name for itself in the wearable market by releasing its TicWatch E2 and TicWatch S2, a sequel to its successful TicWatch E and TicWatch S. Another company that released a smartwatch was Garmin but with an interesting twist, they partnered up with Mercedes-Benz to add a feature that measures stress to make sure you are less stressed with you drive. But smartwatches weren’t the only wearable at CES, Sphero a toy company unveiled Sphero Spectrums a toy that makes music when it senses color

By looking at the major trends at CES was can predict that AI will become very big, being included in many different devices. Another big trend we can expect to see are driving services like Uber and Lyft implement more and more automated cars in the future. As sophomore Abraham said “From VR to amazing tech for phones, computers and other products. Tech in 2019 looks promising.