Nipsey Hussle passes away

Fatima Mohamed, Staff Writer

As the world mourns Nipsey Hussle death, everyone is starting to listen to his music more and his sales have increased tremendously since his passing on sunday. The 33 year old rapper died on sunday after being shot 6 times in front of his store. He was shot by an unknown assailant. On Monday the neighborhood he sought to improve mourned him much more than his music.

Hussel was much more than a rapper, he gave back to his community. He always spread knowledge and that how everyone grew to have respect for him. Los Angeles lost much more than a rapper. They lost a legend, someone who cared for his people and understood what it was like not to have much at a younger age. Nipsey went well beyond than usual celebrity “giving back “ ethos.

By Monday everyone came together in front of the closed store and payed there respect to Hussle. A memorial of candles and flowers and painting in front of the store was held. His famous songs were being played in the parking lot like, “The Weather,” , “Double Up” and “Hustle & Motivate”. Dontae Coleman, 28 said “We lost a legend,  a lot of people who get rich don’t come back here. He’s rare. People like him don’t come often.” Everyone felt those words.

Hussle had worked his tail off to get where he was today. He came a long way to establish the love and type of support that he had for the community. He was a person who build his own empire on his own. His a type of platform by doing it his way. He left a great message without intentionally leaving a message.