AHS students getting ready for Fall

Limia Bahar, Staff Writer

Fall is upon us with its nice and breezy weather, providing a nice change for everyone that’s tired of the heat. 

Fall is popular among Annandale students and staff because they like the warm feel and the outfits that go with it. 

“I can’t wait for big events that I can dress up for them,” sophomore Neylan Mceuan said. 

There are many fall themed events and shows you can also go to and dress up big and cozy for. 

She’s excited about fall because of the perfect weather and all the themes it comes with this season and plans on going out and enjoying the weather with her friends and family. Mceuan is not  the only Atom that is ready for fall and everything it brings with it.

 Fall is one of the only times a year where the weather is perfectly balanced with a cold day here and there. 

“I love fall because of the perfect weather for literally anything. The leaves that make the streets seem welcoming and the warm colors of the trees are the best,” says junior Fauzah Kargbo.

The chilly temperatures are great for outdoor activities and even better for comfortable clothing. It’s a great time to adapt to the colder weather before winter brings freezing temperatures and lots of snow. 

Although fall is great by itself, it also brings Halloween, a beloved holiday among many of our students and staff. It is a fun time to dress up as whatever you want and celebrate horror and thrillers that bring us the chills.

 “I’m excited to make plans to go to Cox Farms and other fall and Halloween themed events,” says junior Lidia Mengistu. Like her everyone is going to Cox Farm and other Halloween themed events, building up to Halloween night. 

Cox farm is a popular place with lots of festive activities that students enjoy visiting during fall. It’s affordable and has activities that give people the thrill and adrenaline rush that they want during Halloween. 

Although fall brings a lot of different elements, Halloween is probably one of the most popular events that people look forward too. It is the perfect holiday for fall with its midnight scares and chilly weather that’ll give you goosebumps.

Fall has just begun but it will fly by, so enjoy the weather before winter comes in.