Climate Change is still an issue

Climate change is the significant change in temperature, precipitation, or biological and geographic factors of the Earth. Climate change has been caused by human actions such as the burning of fossil fuels, which causes carbon dioxide to be released into the Earth’s atmosphere which leads to greenhouse effects and is responsible for global warming. 

All over social media, there have been posts warning about how if nothing is done to stop climate change, the Earth will die and there will be no way to reverse the changes within a couple of years.

There are many groups that are doing demonstrations to raise awareness about climate change.

You’ve probably heard of the protests going on in DC or witnessed it yourself. There’s a group of people who are planning on blocking streets and roads that are the busiest in order to get climate justice. Shut Down DC is the organization that wants to take action and put an end to climate change. 

Shut Down DC wants to bring attention to the natural disasters that are happening around the world, such as floods and wildfires. They believe climate change is a serious issue that should be heard and talked about. 

There are many small things that one can do in order to have a positive effect on climate change. “I believe climate change seems to be an issue. I’m not a scientist so I don’t know that much about it, but I have been trying to make small changes like monitoring what I recycle, the amount of paper I use in class, and the small things I can control that can have a positive impact on the environment,” history teacher Catharine Bishop said.