What are students doing over break?

As the holidays are approaching, which also means winter break is just around the corner. Some students go on trips to a different state or country, while others just stay back and relax during the break. Most students like to spend time with their families as Christmas is all about spending time with their families and loved ones.

“I am going to Bangladesh for my winter break which is my home country for 3 weeks. I haven’t gone back since 2012 which is when I came to America. I am so excited because I am finally seeing my family after such a long time and spend time with them,” junior Subha Bakhtiar said.

Some students are even leaving a week or two early for the break. “I am missing two weeks of school but it’s gonna be all worth it,” Bakhtiar said.

“I will be going to a bunch of Christmas Parties and visiting family and friends, and during the final week of break my family will be going to Boston, Massachusetts to visit the city and relatives there,” junior Mark Scrivener said.

“I’m looking forward to just catching up on sleep and going to the mall with my friends,” sophomore Nawal Abikar said.

Students will have a two weeks break from Dec 23, 2019 to Jan 3, 2020 that includes Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years.