What were students favorite Spirit Days?

From Dec 9 to 14, the leadership team held a spirit week leading to the Winter Formal. Unfortunately, Winter Formal, which was to be held on December 14th, was canceled due to not enough ticket sales.

The days for spirit week were Pajama Day, Cozy Clothes Day, Winter Blues, Holiday Card, and Candy Cane Day.

One spirit day that’s usually a fan favorite was Pajama Day. During this day, everyone gets to show up to school in the comfort and coziness of their Pajamas. “My favorite spirit day was Pajama Day on Monday because I love any excuse to wear pjs to school,” sophomore Daniela Dosen said.

Holiday Card day was another spirit day that many students seemed to like. During that spirit day, students could twin with one of their friends or match with a group. “My favorite spirit day was Christmas Card Day,” sophomore Jessie Brennan said. “You could do it with a lot of people and also you could be very creative with it.”

A spirit day that many students had mixed feelings about was Cozy Clothes day. It was a fan favorite to some because students got to dress in super casual and comfy clothing. “I really liked the comfy clothes day with ugly sweaters,” sophomore Izzy Teinfalt said. “It was my favorite because I have a lot of ugly sweaters and I like to showcase them.”

While some really liked the idea of Cozy Clothes Day, others not so much for various reasons. Many students thought that it was very similar to the previous spirit day, which was Pajama Day. “I thought Cozy Tuesday was repetitive because it was basically the same thing as PJ Day,” Dosen said.

Another reason why Tuesday’s spirit day wasn’t a fan favorite was due to the fact that some students thought that there wasn’t a unique theme to it like for the other days. The outfits people wore for Tuesday were things they would normally wear everyday. “My least favorite one was probably Cozy Clothes Day,” Brennan said. “It’s not like it was bad, but I just wore what I wear everyday.”

Even though the formal was cancelled, many students still participated each day to show their school spirit. “Spirit weeks at Annandale are really nice,” Brennan said.