How different people celebrate Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year dates back all the way to the 14th century and it celebrates Spring, hence sometimes being referred to as the Spring Festival. Even though it is often referred to as Chinese New Year, many people of different ethnicities celebrate it as well. 


The date of the holiday isn’t really ever consistent because it’s determined on the phases of the moon. The dates can vary depending as the holiday starts when the first full moon on the Lunar Calendar arrives. It is always celebrated in either January or February, though. 


How do different people celebrate Lunar New Year? It can range from wardrobe, decoration, and food. Culture heavily impacts how a family might celebrate Lunar New Year.You will see lots of people around this time wearing and decorating their house with Red and Gold, which is meant to symbolize good luck or good fortune. 


Lots of people celebrate it in their own ways, whether they go all out and fill their house with decorations or if they don’t decorate at all. One key thing that many do together during the holiday is to give and receive the red envelopes. The envelopes given consist of money. It is a very unique kind of holiday, as everyone gets gifts. 


Something special about this holiday is how centered this celebration is on food and family. It is centered around the several contrasting cultures that lots of families exhibit. This holiday mainly focuses on spending time with family and a way to welcome in the new year. 


This year, of course, is very different from past celebrations because of the uprising in covid cases. Since it is a family central holiday, it is indeed a big loss, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t celebrate it, it just means that it’ll be celebrated in a different way than ever before. Even though it’s not the most fun, it keeps the family safe which really matters the most in a time like this.