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Phones can be useful at school


    Administrators and teachers at Annandale have always pointed out negative things about phones and the negative ways students choose to use them, yet there is a positive side of phone use in classes that is never heard about or talked about in school.

    “I use my phone quite often and I think it’s helpful for a lot of things in class” said freshman Hung Ngyuen.

    Phones could be useful in many ways, the only reason these positives are never looked at is because phones have had such a negative legacy built on them. This legacy has been made from the numerous reports of students who choose to use their phones in ways that distract them and other students from learning in their class. 

    “At this point I tell students to put away their phones and they ignore me,” said teacher Tobias Dienstfrey.

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    The biggest thing about phones is the way students use them and the difficulty of monitoring them. Social media is one of the sources since people usually get distracted texting people or watching videos on social media. 

    They are enormous distractions and kids just use social media or just play video games,” said teacher Tobias Dienstfrey.

    There are numerous ways that phones can be used in ways that will positively impact a students academic performance. Some of the ways include being used in an emergency, making class group chats, being used as a calculator, and being used to scan useful QR codes.

    “I sometimes use my phone to take pictures of useful stuff and information on the board so i can use it later,” said junior Alfred Rockow

    There is a long list of ways that phones can be used in a positive way but it will be hard to try and convince students to start using their phones in ways that positively impacts their academic performance. 

    “I don’t use my phone often in class but most people around me usually use it,” said junior Alfred Rockow

    If phones get less restricted and more open to academic friendly uses, then this could change the way students learn in class and how teachers teach in the future. 

    “My phone is like an everything deceive because i use it to support my grades,” said freshman Hung Nguyen.

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    Logan Barberis, Staff Writer
    Freshman Logan Barberis in his first year of journalism as a staff writer. He likes to spend time with friends and family, listen to music, wrestling, and watching South Park . He also plays football and has a dog named Charlie.  

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