My spring break

My spring break

Traveling to El Salvador!

    My spring break this year was spent in El Salvador with my family. 

    I visited the San Blas beach in the Pacific Ocean, and I could see the beautiful sunset. I enjoyed watching the waves and the seagulls, there was a nice breeze and multiple shells, stones and rocks that were being washed up and down as the waves came.

    We traveled the panoramic route and visited the San Francisco kiosk, a beautiful place. A viewpoint where you can appreciate the wonderful waters of Lake Ilopango from a higher view, it has an ample restaurant to taste different and typical dishes such as Empanadas, Fried yuca, Corn atol. 

    We take a tour of the historical center located in the capital of El Salvador where you can appreciate the beauty of the Metropolitan Cathedral that is visited by many Catholics. To the south, an elegant building that is the National Library of El Salvador, that was opened in November 2023. The library fills up visited by many people because of the variety of books, children games, robotics, and technology, as well for its gaming area and an art gallery. To the west, the National Palace of El Salvador. 

    My trip also included enjoying multiple delicious food like pupusas, tamales, soups, ice cream and many more foods. It was nice spending some time away from school and enjoying the different places around the world. 

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