Gaudete! at the Annandale HS Chorus Winter Concert


All of the choirs are singing the song Gaudete, which means rejoice in latin, with the Annandale Select Women's Ensemble at the front of the stage.

Galilea Sejas, Arts Editor

Everyone rejoiced at the chorus concert on Tuesday Dec. 12. Many people were able to see the improvements of the annandale choir, since the fall concert. Annandale chorus teacher, Patrick Vaughn said, “from the fall concert, every choir is getting better, they’re singing better. I tell my students at the beginning of the year that every concert they do, should be stronger than the one they’ve done previously. The best concert that they do, should be the last concert that they do in May.”

Each chorus needed to memorize a set number of pieces, all of which they would be rehearsing during their chorus class or after school. From there, Mr.Vaughn picks repertoire for each chorus, so that the students would be able to master these songs.

Each song didn’t necessarily concern one topic or group, but instead, it contributed to the overall theme of rejoicing and coming together, during difficult times in our society.

Songs like Duérmete, Mi Corazón, by Judith Herrington and sung by the select women’s ensemble, allowed some of the audience members to reminiscent over the time that their mother or father sang them this song when they were little.

There was a whirlwind of astonishment and awe whenever any choir came up to perform. One of the audience’s favorite song was “Jingle Bells” by J. Pierpont. Mr. Vaughn said, “The jingle bells song is a tradition, and I found it from Ms.Perry, who started it from 2000 with the exact same choreo, song and arrangement.” This song was an amusing break from the impactful songs, and enabled the audience to have some laughs throughout their interesting performance that dramaticized the old time Christmas song.

What made this concert a little more spectacular and interesting was when the student teacher, Helai Karim, was able to conduct 5 pieces in the concert. She was able to spend more than 7 weeks with the Annandale choir and Ms.Karim said, “I was so blessed to have Mr.Vaughn as a mentor and to have these students make a difference and work with them in all this music and how music can make a difference.”

She was able touch all of the hearts of the Annandale choral students and she will be greatly missed for all of her efforts and teachings that she did.

Each song was more impactful than the last, because it gave the audience members a warm feeling on the inside, a feeling of Christmas, a feeling of unity.