A day In the life of an animation student

Animation students share the activities of their class


Animation is one of many fine arts classes offered at AHS. It is separated into two levels: Animation 1 and Animation 2 and has the prerequisite of Digital Art 1. The class is taught by the Digital Arts and Design teacher Carmen Lucas.
The Animation 1 class builds off of the skills that students learn in Digital Art 1. It covers the history of animation, animating in 2D and 3D, drawing storyboards, etc.
Animation 1 focuses on the core skills of animating and working with different programs including Adobe Animate, Blender, Stop Motion, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Character Animator.
Animation 2 is a more in-depth class that gives students more of a chance to explore and fine-tune their skills while building a portfolio.
“I like the autonomy we get as level 2 students, the deadlines are loose and we typically get to be as creative as we want on projects,” senior Laura Tongnobhakun said.
Animations 1 and 2 are taught during 3rd period along with IB Art. Currently, there are very few students taking Animation.
“I wish there were more students. I’d like enough students to be able to fill the classroom,” Tongnobhakun said.
“Doing so would give animation its own class period that doesn’t have to be combined with other classes, and it’s just cool to see other animators and their styles of creating.”
Having the classes combined in one period might sound like a lot to handle but some of the current animation students enjoy being able to socialize and collaborate with other art students.
“I personally find being in a combined class pretty neat. I like the happy chaos of vibing with the IB art students before class,” senior Nâti Asgedom said.
With Lucas having to teach multiple classes in one period, she has to alternate instruction often.
Animation is part of a four year class sequence that includes; Digital Art 1, Animation 1, Animation 2, and ends with Digital Art 4.
Besides the time that is spent on class instruction, students work independently on their assignments throughout the class. Time management is a necessary skill in animation.
Generally, projects assigned to Animation 1 students are shorter and less in-depth. Shorter assignments might be three to five weeks long, while longer assignments might be 6-12 weeks long.
Artists have to work frame by frame to get the desired outcome so they have to be committed to their craft.
“Animating just a minute of movement could take hours or even more depending on how complex it is, but when I finally get it right after hours of fixing it, it definitely pays off in the end,” Tongnobhakun said.
Students that are interested in animation should keep in mind that every artist thinks about their art differently and works at a different pace.
“I personally do spend a lot of time for work in this class because I feel like I do better the more time and effort I put into my creative work,” senior Nâti Asgedom said.
In any art class, it’s important to have an environment where students can be productive and creative, this class seems to achieve that.
“People are really chill hereThey’re also really happy, too. There’s this calming atmosphere, and whenever I walk into this class, I instantly relax,” Tongnobhakun said. “My classmates are friendly and support each other and sometimes we even show each other how we’re doing on our animations.”
Having peers to bounce ideas off of and receive help from also helps form a more conducive environment.
“I like the community we have, and when we show our work to others in the class,” sophomore Sybil Dauer said.
Anyone considering taking a visual arts class next year should note that Lucas’ Animation class receives glowing reviews from her students.
“Animation brings out the creative side of me, and I’ve never really gotten a chance to express that. My teacher, Ms. Lucas, is an amazing teacher because of the passion and energy she brings into teaching us lessons,” Tongnobhakun said.
The Animation class is looking forward to more students enrolling and starting their journey exploring the wonders of digital art and design.