How to cook Ghanian Jollof Rice.

How to cook Ghanian Jollof Rice.

Jollof rice is a common dish among the west African countries that is highly favored. In preparing Jollof rice its main ingredients are rice, tomato paste, tomatoes, cooking oil, onions, spices of choice, and goat meat or beef.


To start off you need a pot big enough for your intended audience. You then need to make sure you have your proper ingredients to start the preparation of the meal. A maggi cube, 2-3 onions, your preference of rice, chicken, goat meat, beef, tomato paste, salt, vegetable oil,  and tomato puree or fresh tomatoes.


Start off by washing your choice of meat. Then place it in a pot afterwards, you then chop one whole onion as well as half of a garlic peeled and place it on the meat.


Set that aside and pour oil of your choice into a different pan, and then add 1 whole onion chopped and fry it till its a golden brown. While frying your onions add 2 tablespoon of Chile pepper then stir.


After 2-3 minutes add your tomato paste and allow it to marinate for another 2-3 minutes. At this point you get your rice, wash your rice and then add it to the onions and tomato paste, and sprinkle some salt and stir.


Then pour at least 3 cups of water or as much as needed and allow the rice to cook till tender. Once the rice is half way cooked apply your parchment paper on top of the rice to lock in moisture. If you favor vegetables this would be the time to add your vegetables into the rice once its cooked.


It is now time to serve your meal and add your side dishes. Use ingredients according to your audience and enjoy!