Ted’s Bulletin exceeds safety guidelines


The safety bubbles are heated and disinfected to provide customers with safety and comfort.

It is essential for families to be welcomed by a devoted staff who work to supply a safe environment during the pandemic.  

You are at high risk dining at both in/outdoor dining. Although, the wearing of masks, seating 6-feet apart, and eating outdoors can lessen the growth of the virus. It’s the restaurants duty to provide a safe and comfortable setting for their customers. That being said, restaurants must take action by applying new precautionary measures.

Fortunately, local businesses quickly adapted to the vast spread and have changed their dynamic of safety protocols, especially Ted’s Bulletin in Mosaic District. 

Their staff have outdone themselves by exceeding the requirements instructed by the Department of Health and the CDC recommendations.

Their aspects of dine-in seating have been modified to ensure safety, by incorporating outdoor dining bubbles. Bubbles sanitized with a non-toxic solution disinfecting Covid-19, containing heaters to guarantee both safety and comfort. Guests who prefer dining indoors are introduced with temperature check stations before being served.

“Restaurants should commit to precautions because people are still going to want to go out and eat. The best way to contain the spread of the virus (other than staying at home) is taking the precautionary measures,” junior Lauryn Mills said.

Since Ted’s Bulletin has excelled in providing a sense of safety for their guests, should all restaurants accommodate features by overstepping the recommendations? 

“Before Covid-19 spread in the U.S., it was normal for my family and I enjoy eating out at restaurants at least once a week. Due to the spread it would be risky for my family of 8 to be going out to dinner. So instead we are forced to order take out or make our own meals to reduce the risk for my family and other families. I’m glad to hear restaurants are establishing safety protocols, so that in the future my family and I can dine in,” junior Shada Ibrahim said. 

“I would feel more comfortable eating at restaurants that took these precautions,” sophomore John Awoke said. 

It is highly recommended restaurants commit to these protocols by working hard to limit the spread of Covid-19. Developing precautions allow restaurants to be respectful to their guests. Most importantly, students and their families are provided with a safe and comfortable restaurant setting.

Ted’s Bulletin American Restaurant stepped up and took initiative, putting the safety of both their staff and guests first. Their actions can encourage or set an example for others seeking to increase their safety measures.