Siroo and Juk will satisfy your taste buds


Siroo and Juk Story is a restaurant located on Markham St, Annandale, which is near the school. The restaurant had a very homey atmosphere. The tables are close together and have little designs inside them. The menu is also very easy to read which is perfect for newcomers.

I ordered the Two Hands Dog, Spicy Dog, and the Potato Dog. They have many other options for the filling of your corn dog like Mozzarella, beef sausage and cheddar cheese. You can also choose half of any filling to put as your filling. I chose to put Mozzarella on all of them.

The Potato Dog was hands down my favorite. It had fries around it with a special sauce that tastes like ketchup with a little tang. The flavors went so well together, it was the perfect balance between the cheese. The fries and the crust was the perfect blend between crunchy and soft. The cheese pull was incredible for all of them. I would give this one an 8/10

My second favorite was the Two Hands Dog, which is a garlic crust with ranch powder and ranch sauce. It wasn’t good at first but the more I kept chewing it started to taste better. I liked the ranch and the crunch, but they should have put in less ranch because it was overpowering the garlic. Other than that the Two Hands Dog is a solid 7/10

The worst one was the Spicy Dog. It was not spicy at all, it had no crunch and it tasted sour. Supposedly there was supposed to be Cheeto dust on top of the corn dog but whatever red dust they put it on, it was not Cheetos. I was so disappointed, especially because I was so excited to get it. This one gets a 5/10 for me.

I would come back to this restaurant because they have so much to offer but I would not get the same items again. Overall, this restaurant gets a 7.5/10 for the whole experience.