Make sure to take advantage of Alexandria restaurant week


Do you like to eat? Do you like to taste new foods? Do you like to save money? Head on over to Alexandria and visit at least one of the 65 restaurants participating in the annual Restaurant Week.

Alexandria has many popular cities with lots of things for the public to do like explore, shop, visit museums, and more. However, one of the best things to do in any city, especially Alexandria, is eat delicious meals with unique surroundings.

It’s a new year, so it’s time to try new things. Taste and experience a variety of great foods for great prices. Restaurant week lasts nine days, starting on Jan. 18 and ending on Jan. 27.

What is restaurant week? It is a community function in which restaurants from anywhere in Alexandria participate in special meal deals. A few of these deals are three course dinner for $35 or a dinner for two people for only $35.

Although all 65 restaurants participate in those two deals, not all of them offer the lunch deal. 35 of the 65 restaurants provide lunch for one for $15 or $22. Even fewer restaurants engage in brunch deals that are the same as the lunch deals. A small handful of ten restaurants provides a brunch menu for one person for $15 or $22.

There are participating restaurants for even the pickiest of eaters. A wide variety of foods from different cultures offer delicious dishes from Southern Cuisine to healthy, vegetarian recipes. Furthermore, Irish pubs partake in this unique week, as well as Chinese, Italian, Thai, Indian, American, Mediterranean, Mexican, Greek, and other restaurants.

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