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Don’t be the buzzkill: prom do’s & don’ts

Morgan Milman
Students party at on the dance floor at The River View at Occoquan during Edison’s 2023 prom.

There is a romanticized version of high school that we all grew up with on our screens… and I’m sure the hope of that version being true was crushed, for most of us, the second we stepped through the front doors freshman year. And some, even after attending several school dances already, may still feel that way about Prom.

We all want our magical night, the coming-of-age dream portrayed in movies like 10 Things I Hate About You, High School Musical 3, and She’s All That, to name a few.

“In movies I feel like there’s more space, and I feel like being a wallflower is kind of romanticized,” says freshman Gee Riester.

They create unrealistic expectations for high school students, which can leave us a bit confused and disappointed, holding onto something like nostalgia that we never got to experience.

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These fictional portrayals of life are more about physical appearance, fancy parties, and popularity, while actually the most things that will make you enjoy Prom the most are being yourself, connecting with your friends, and staying in the moment.

The following is a list of do’s and don’ts to ensure that you will have an unforgettable and amazing experience on your Prom night no matter how different it is from your imagination.

1) Don’t make any extreme changes to your appearance such as getting a fake tan, going overboard on your hairstyle or make up… anything that you haven’t tried out before. Otherwise, you might look back at your camera roll ten years later and wonder what you were doing.

Furthermore, fussing over your appearance shouldn’t be your prime concern, just do what will make you feel your best.

2) Let go of your expectations for the night by focusing on having fun with your date, friends, and classmates.

“I don’t really have super high expectations just because I don’t want to be disappointed or anything, but I’m definitely looking forward to Prom in general!” said senior Eliza Naranja.“Having no expectations will probably make me enjoy my night more,” she added.

3) Take the night for what it is and go with the flow. This isn’t the biggest night of your life (hopefully) and will only be a drop in the bucket of the many amazing nights you will have in the future.

4) Enjoy yourself fully, dance like no one is watching and don’t be nervous or afraid that you’ll embarrass yourself– absolutely no one cares.

5) Have a pre-prom and post-prom plan so you don’t wind up in a McDonald’s at 1am (unless you want to of course).

Figuring out plans beforehand will ensure you don’t waste time choosing last minute with your friends and will make the experience more enjoyable and easy-going for every one especially as exams are right before!

6) Don’t do anything that you’ll regret the next morning. It is easy to get caught up in the party or go along with peer pressure but there are many ways to have fun without being reckless.

For example, intoxicating yourself could end your Prom early, impact your memory of the night and even lead to dangerous situations such as drunk driving.

Another could be making out on the dance floor– trust me no one wants to see you and your date eating each other’s faces.

Prom is a night to remember, especially if you do it correctly. It can go many different ways but most importantly don’t put too much pressure on the night; after all, it’s just high school.

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Zoe Ligairi
Zoe Ligairi, Lifestyle Editor

Sophomore Zoe Ligairi is in her first year at the A-Blast as the Lifestyle Editor. She is currently an AWC tutor, the founder and president of the Pasifika club and is eager to join other clubs at the school. In addition to clubs, Zoe plays Volleyball and Softball for Annandale. In her free time, she enjoys reading, thrifting, listening to music and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Morgan Milman
Morgan Milman, Academics Editor
Senior Morgan Milman is in her first year of journalism as the Academics Editor. She plays for the varsity volleyball team and dives for the swim & dive team. In her free time she likes to paint, read, hangout with friends; she plans to study environmental policy in college.

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