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All ’bout the Benjamins: how sophomores make summer money:

Lifeguard, camp counselor, lawn care provider, babysitter, movie clerk, cashier, restaurant server, barista, housekeeper, ice cream slinger, dog walker, tutor, intern, coach or referee for a sport…just several examples out of the plethora of summer jobs available for high schoolers. 

While it may seem like a bummer to work during the summer, there are actually many benefits to it, especially if you are staying home during the break. 

Aside from earning money, having a summer job can give you an opportunity to meet new people, improve or develop your job interviewing skills, increase your communication, teach time management, and strengthen your resume. 

Additionally, they may be an opportunity to gain experience in a field you could work in in the future.

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And while it may be difficult to find jobs to apply to, once you find your match it might be the perfect filler for your free time and save you from boredom. Summer jobs can be lots of fun if you let them be.


Above, sophomore Cecilia Marigliano stands near a river with her dog at the Cool Spring Battlefield, an environment similar to where she will be working this summer. (Cecilia M)

Cecilia Marigliano, sophomore

“My summer job is to work and live at a state park for two weeks. In that job we will be working in nature and maintaining park ecosystems, fixing trails, and just up-keeping the park in general. I chose this job because I wanted to work and connect with nature, since I often don’t get to now. This job also includes more physical work with tools and stuff that I don’t have a lot of experience with, so it will be a great opportunity to learn. This job doesn’t exactly have a salary, but it does offer a $750 stipend for 2 weeks of work. I decided to get a job so I could avoid just laying around the house all summer, and do something productive with my time. I’m least excited for the heat and the bugs and the mud that will be present when working on the trails. I am most excited to meet new people who share a similar love of nature,” said Marigliano.






Above, sophomore Cole Cardwell pitches for a varsity baseball game. He takes his playing experience from the AHS team and from his 16U travel team and applies it while coaching. (Lara Delaney)

Cole Cardwell, sophomore

“For my summer job, I work at the St. James sports complex as a coach for the baseball summer camp. I chose this job because I love playing baseball, I have lots of friends who work in the camp, and I get a free membership for working. I get paid $22.50 an hour for my work from 9a.m.- 3p.m. Then I get paid $30 for my work from 3p.m.-7p.m. I decided to get a job for the summer so that I have some extra money to save, as well as to spend on the things I like. I am most excited about getting to work with my coworkers again,” said Cardwell.








Sophomores, Soliana Kassahun, Fiker Shewangizaw, and Christian Gebreegziabher are pictured from left to right. They will be working together this summer as receptionists. (Fiker Shewangizaw)

Fiker Shewangizaw, sophomore

“My summer job will be working as a receptionist for a restaurant in the Watergate hotel. I chose this job because it would be a great experience for me. It was my friend’s uncle, Soliana Kassahun, that works there and he put us on. The salary is $18 an hour and I will work for five days a week. I want to work so I can get money and buy things. I’m most excited about being able to work with my friends. I’m not excited about having to deal with rude rich people,” said Shewangizaw.








Above is a daith piercing done by sophomore Callia Uviedo’s cousin PRTY who works at Ink’I.Adore, which is the type of piercing work Uviedo will be doing this summer. (Callia Uviedo)

Callia Uviedo, sophomore

“In the summer I am going to be piercing at Ink’I.Adore. I’m working here because it is my aunt’s shop and it is just a fun way to hang out with my family and to make money in the summer. There is no salary, I just get paid based on how many piercings I do that week. I’m least excited about having to wake up early during the summer and I am mostly excited about meeting new people and learning how to do different types of piercings,” said Uviedo.

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