“Struck by Lightning” has fresh humor


Struck by Lightning

Chris Colfer wrote and stars in “Struck by Lightning.”

In this day and age, the chances of making a successful film about high school students are relatively low, similar to the chances of being struck by lightning. We’ve seen Hollywood try to portray teenagers at Prom or teenagers breaking social norms, but it hasn’t seemed to fit in awhile. A glowing exception to this trend is “Struck By Lightning,” a film written by and starring Glee’s Chris Colfer. The film centers around the character of Carson Phillips, a social outcast that blackmails his fellow classmates to write for a literary magazine that will improve his chances of getting into Northwestern University. Oddly enough, Phillips is killed in the opening scene by lightning, and he recounts the story of how he interacts with his classmates and learns more about them throughout the film.


Although Colfer wrote the script for “Struck By Lightning” in middle school, the humor is still fresh. The film also stars a handful of great actors that are familiar with the teenage crowd the film is targeting. Rebel Wilson of “Pitch Perfect” plays Malerie Baggs, Phillip’s best friend, and Allison Janney of “The Help” plays Phillip’s mother. Other actors include Sarah Hyland, Christina Hendricks and Angela Kinsey.


While Colfer’s humor makes this movie enjoyable to watch, the other actors contribute to the great quality as well. Wilson uses the same humor seen in “Pitch Perfect” with her Australian accent and adds a laugh to intense, dramatic scenes. Philipps and his mother have a typical nagging relationship that includes several witty remarks that are exchanged between the two.


“Struck By Lightning” isn’t a movie that will have audiences laughing the whole time, however. The movie is initially filled with teenage angst about getting into college and leaving a small town, but Phillips’ inner thoughts become emotionally heart-wrenching. Deeper drama between him and his mother is softened with humor, but the unstable relationships Phillipps has with each of his parents are present throughout the whole film.


I would say that “Struck By Lightning” is a simple film. Its plot stays within the same city, and within the same set of characters. It isn’t the type of film for moviegoers looking for a deep drama, but for those that appreciate good humor and a fresh outlook on a timeless concept, “Struck By Lightning” is a perfect match.