Music fund created for local high schools

Marching Band students, who would be eligible for this grant, perform at a football game.

Marching Band students, who would be eligible for this grant, perform at a football game.

Suad Mohamed, Co-Editor in Chief

During its meeting on Sept. 26, the Fairfax County School Board acknowledged the establishment of the Michael I. Marshall Fund for Music Education.

The fund was set up to enrich students’ interests in the music field.

It is open to students with financial needs.

Students must also attend schools that are part of the Annandale, Falls Church, Justice, and Mount Vernon pyramids.

The fund will allow for music students to go to professional music performances, participate in summer music education programs, and get access to musical instruments.

The fund will also allow for students to get financial aid for music education in college.

Marshall was a former resident of Fairfax County who passed away 20 years ago.

One of his last wishes was ensuring that part of the proceeds from his estate would be used to help students who are interested in music.

He intended to do so by aiding and helping those who do not have the financial ability to pursue this interest.

His mother and brothers were there at the meeting to be present for the recognition.

“It is really nice for people who want to pursue music,” senior and Philharmonic Orchestra member Elizabeth Dula said. “A lot of the time, music is not seen as a viable career choice, and it is hard to get money to support this interest, so it is nice to know that someone is making it possible for students here.”

Teachers are excited about the program as well.

“Anything that we can do and have in order to fund music education, and those who want to pursue it, is a great thing,” choir director Patrick Vaughn said.

As of now, the process on how students are nominated for or receive benefits from the fund is unknown.