Powder Puff is back


Juniors and seniors gear up for the annual  powder puff football game coming Oct. 15 during homecoming week. Each year, the girls suit up for the game, eye-black and all, to compete against the rival class.  This isn’t a regular game with adult coaches and the varsity cheer team, their fellow male students will be coaching the girls and posing as their own personal cheer squad.

“I’m looking forward to having fun. We have a strong team with athletes and lots of great personalities,” Senior Rebecca Yohannes said.

Last Thursday, interested upperclassmen came to the meeting to gather information on the upcoming event. Unfortunately, there was controversy over how many seniors were allowed to play because of the high level of attendance at the meeting. Over 40 senior girls attended the interest meeting. Many of the seniors were disappointed that junior girls were allowed to participate, even though several seniors were cut from the roster.

“We had a lot of seniors.” senior Senayit Wereta said, “We had to cut some seniors, but a lot of the juniors got in.”

However, today during W4, all the seniors who attended the interest meeting were given a slip of paper allowing them to participate in the game. The paper stated that if money was brought on Sept. 26 before the first practice, then these girls would be added to the roster. The team roster for both the junior and senior classes is being finalized and published today, Sept. 25, including those who received papers in W4.

Something that both juniors and seniors are looking forward to is the intense rivalry between the classes. Considering that the now 2014 seniors lost to the graduated class of 2013, they are eager to be the winning class.

However, the juniors aren’t satisfied with that.

“The juniors will put the seniors in their place. They can ‘K15s our Class!,” junior Megan Hua said.

Several of the junior and senior boys are excited to be cheerleaders.

“I’m about to be the best cheerleader because they don’t know what I got,” junior Richie Niner said.

All in all, there is much anticipation growing for the return of the annual powder puff football event. So, who are YOU rooting for this year?