Students go beyond classrooms expectations in the summer


Junior Jeffery Montano takes some time away from the books and shoots pool during his lunch break with his friends.

On a typical summer day in July, the average student does not expect to be sitting in a classroom on a college campus getting ahead for the upcoming school year. The Early Identification Program is sponsored by George Mason University and is giving first generation college bound students the opportunity to make college a reality. Many Annandale High School students take part in this program with the hopes of furthering their education beyond the high school level. Students attend the Summer Academy for three weeks during the month of July. Over the course of the three weeks the students learn information that will be presented to them once they return to the classrooms. A wide variety of courses are offered like Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, various English courses as well as Science and History classes. The school day ranges from 7:30-3:30 with many activities between classes like how to reduce stress and SAT courses. Students get a firsthand experience of what the college experience is really like. Students from different counties are a part of the program as well giving the program a wide variety of participants and the opportunity to meet people. The summer academy will end on July 25, 2014.