Aaron Boyd commits to Virginia Tech


Photo courtesy of Aaron Boyd

Boyd looks at his first place time after his race at regionals.

As the class of 2016 decides on where they will continue their academic careers, one senior in particular has chosen to also elongate his athletic career. Senior Aaron Boyd has officially committed to swim for the Division 1 team of the Virginia Polytechnic and State University Hokies of Blacksburg, Virginia.

Despite knowing that Virginia Tech was his top choice when he got offered, much speculation came before making his decision.

“I knew sophomore year I wanted to go to Virginia Tech even with all of the other offers I got from a lot of schools like George Mason University, Pittsburgh and some division three schools,” Boyd said.

Ironically, the first time he had visited his top school was this year after receiving the offer.

“It was actually my first time visiting the college on my official visit and I liked the campus, people and the vibe that the school let out,“ Boyd said.

After winning states last year and not wanting to let the Hokies swim program down, he will try and prove to the team that he can balance out his academics and his athletic life while achieving the goals of getting first in the competitive Atlantic Coast Conference.

Confidently deciding that the Tech swim program was a better choice, Boyd thinks this opportunity will be a time to mature but also have fun on the swim team.

“I picked Virginia Tech because it was what I was looking for academically and I love how my team was really welcoming, the coaches were really supportive and overall it was just a good vibe.”

Leaving a legacy for the AHS swim team behind, Boyd hopes to do the same these next four years on the swim team for Virginia Tech. Having placed second in states for AHS, the Virginia Tech swim team also hopes for Boyd to swim up to his expectations.

“I think I will fit pretty well, they saw a lot of potential for me. It is going to be tough and I will have to work really hard but I am looking forward to the experience,” Boyd said. “I can contribute in relays freshman year and depending on how well I do I can be a top competitor for the Atlantic Coast Conference.”

Boyd has been swimming for as long as he can remember and says he has tried to be competitive no matter how skilled the others were. He always strived to be better for himself knowing that swim was one of his talents that came naturally to him.

“I try to make every meet even more competitive than the last and I try to focus on one stroke in general,” Boyd said. “No matter if it is to cut my times down or try to work on my technique, I am always trying to improve to bet that guy that is better than me, because there is always someone better, but it is my job to try and one up my competitors every time.”

While trying to benefit himself by working hard and getting better, Boyd thinks that the coaching staff will also push him to the limit, trying to form him into an elite swimmer for the ACC.

“The coaches for Virginia Tech will work me a lot harder than Annandale because this is the next level and our goal as a team is to be at the top of the conference for all four of my years I will swim there,” Boyd said.

The Hokies have been division champions in the past, so the program will expect nothing less from their incoming freshman star.

“The team has won the ACC in the past and got fourth last year, which is good,” Boyd said. “There is always room for improvement but the team is looking good for this upcoming season.”

Boyd continuously maintains an optimistic attitude towards the next chapter of his life both academically and athletically. He is excited for the university’s highly-ranked cuisine  as well as  the social aspects of his new school.

“Over the season I think we will bond a lot and grub on a lot of food and become closer and have the fun of college also while focusing on swim,” Boyd said.

Boyd plans to go to Tech with an undecided major. While he is there, he will always represent AHS with honor and integrity, even four hours away in Blacksburg.