Why is Crossfit so popular?

After seeking improvement in gymnastics, junior Anna Vogus finally found her solution. Two and a half years ago, Vogus discovered Crossfit, a new exercise phenomenon that has changed the way people work out.
Since its founding in 2000, Crossfit has continued to increase in popularity as well as in size. It has now grown to open over 10,000 gyms across the U.S. Although its founder Greg Glassman originally created Crossfit to train police forces, people of all occupations and ages have grown to love Crossfit. But why is Crossfit so popular?
One of the possible reasons Crossfit may be so popular is because of the uniqueness of the workouts . Instead of using generic exercise machines found in normal gyms, Crossfit uses more creative ways to yield faster and better results than normal workouts. Because Crossfit doesn’t use normal machines, it creates a unique and intense workout environment focused on the movement and strengthening of the body.
Crossfit workouts usually help to strengthen participants by using various exercises that utilize barbells and other weights. Crossfit also uses exercises without weights such as pull-ups, muscle-ups, and leg lifts. While Crossfit uses more unique workouts, it also incorporates basic exercises that people are familiar with, such as running.
This unique mix of new and old is appealing because it offers participants different methods of exercise while still incorporating somewhat familiar exercises as well.
Although the variety of workouts can be physically grueling, they help to target and exercise many different muscles in the body that more basic workouts would not usually cover.
“Crossfit workouts can be a better alternative because they use different areas of muscles that you maybe normally wouldn’t use” Vogus said. “The workouts combine strength and endurance so you really get to push yourself.”
Vogus is one of many to join the Crossfit movement. Over the years of being a crossfitter, she has enjoyed her experience. Since she began, she has noticed positive improvement. She believes she has gotten stronger and improved her endurance since she began. She is now able to deadlift 200 pounds.
Along with Vogus, many other crossfitters have experienced success stories. The fact that Crossfit yields such positive results is another reason it continues to gain popularity.
Crossfit has also gained a lot of popularity because of various competitions it holds. Many people see crossfit as exercise, not competition. However, there have been many Crossfit competitions hosted worldwide, such as the Crossfit Games which have been held annually since 2007. These games provide great entertainment as well as motivation for people to become crossfitters. Because Crossfit contains this competitive aspect, it provides a good balance between exercise and competition.
Crossfit can be competitive just like all sports” Vogus said, “but it’s more about pushing yourself and becoming better and stronger than before.”
Despite the growing popularity, there are still sceptics. Some believe that Crossfit can be very dangerous.
It is important not to jump on the bandwagon before knowing the risks. If not performed properly, it is possible that Crossfit can cause serious injury. There have been many cases of torn ligaments, broken bones, and sprained muscles. In order to perform Crossfit safely, gradual exercise is key.
“One of the biggest challenges of doing Crossfit is probably getting comfortable with all of the different movements” Vogus said, “it definitely takes time to learn before you can actually add weight.”
Another danger is Crossfit can take a huge physical toll on its participants. Many crossfitters get caught up in the workout and work their body too much. If performed too often, Crossfit can cause muscle strains, soreness, and serious fatigue. It is important to know your limits when jumping into a new exercise. However, Crossfit is beneficial if performed correctly and within reasonable limits.
Despite the dangers, Crossfit still remains hugely popular. Its uniqueness and proven success continue to push it forward in the workout world. What started as police training has become an extremely successful method of exercise adopted by people worldwide. Its popularity continues to grow and does not show signs of stopping.