ATC preps for fall play with audition workshops

Galilea Sejas and Maryam Dereje

No matter your size or stature, there is always room in theater for you. The Annandale Theater Company is producing “She Kills Monsters” by Qui Nguyen. This is a combination of the fantasy dungeons and dragons (DND) world that the main character, Tilly Evans, is apart of and the football/cheerleader clique that her sister, Agnes Evans, fully embraces.

Anyone who wishes to be apart of this production should contact Miss Brunberg or stage manager, Christina Le, for information about working onstage or offstage.

Either way, many people continue to think that theater, especially after school theater, is an exclusive club for only actors, but everyone has a place whether they know it or not.

“It’s like a puzzle always finding who fits where,” junior and first time assistant director and junior Kyle Dalsimer said.

With the upcoming play auditions, new actors are rising to play the roles of homosexual characters, kick butt nerds and strange monsters. The director, Miss Brunberg, “wanted to choose something that would appeal to teenagers.

She also wanted a production that would appeal to boys, and include a lot of important themes in terms of sexual orientation and dealing with the death of a loved one.

With this dark comedy set to show on November 16 to 18, it brought on actors of all kinds: those who were returning to take on another adventure, and those who wanted to try something new. The audition workshop began with a friendly greeting from every interested person in the Black Box or theater classroom.

With the lighthearted atmosphere already created, it helped that the Dalsimer and Brunberg explained every role of the show, which surely spike the interest of the new people that were still uncertain about being involved in theater to be “the right fit.”

“We’re a close family, we all care for each other and we cannot wait to welcome new people in. Don’t listen to rumors saying we are a posy or a clique, we’re ready to embrace your greatness,” junior and returning actor Ioana Marin said.

The new people who may have never stepped foot in the Black Box were shocked by how open the theater environment is to anyone and everyone.

Many of the newcomers were pleasantly surprised by how friendly everyone in the room seemed, as if they already knew each other, because of their shared interest or rather intrigue on this interesting play that includes some sensitive topics, such as homosexuality or sexism.

Even though there were returning actors who have done almost every production that the Annandale Theater Company produced over their high school career, this should not scare any of the people auditioning.

“Auditioning in Annandale High School is less stressful than auditioning in other shows in college for example, we will be understand if it’s their first time,” Brunberg said.

Both Dalsimer and Brunberg want the new actors who have either memorized their script or are going to do cold reading (reading directly from their script) to be prepared and ready to embrace their character, because as Dalsimer put it, “There is a fine line from performing than being there, and that’s when the magic of acting happens.”

If people are too afraid to audition because of the fact that they are not comfortable speaking on stage, fret no more! The show will need tons of monsters participating in stage combat and other fighting (all school appropriate and choreographed).

“If you’re hesitating to audition, just do it. This company is so welcoming, they make you feel comfortable no matter what you do,” junior Chelsey Robles said.

This proved to be true.

Everyone who is signed up for auditions and those who is signed up for auditions or those who are reluctant and may be afraid to stray from their normal path of sports to theater, should try doing something new and facing their fears.

“Making any choice, is better than no choice at all,” Brunberg said.