Food Review: Kabobistan


Kabobistan is a Family owned restaurant with two chains. They sell kebabs and combos that come with two choices of meat, chickpeas, rice, a salad, and a single piece of flatbread.

I purchased the A1 boneless chicken breast and the chicken itself was perfectly cooked and seasoned. The flatbread also was perfectly cooked and charred on the bottom.

They provided two sauces. One was white and the other green. The white sauce was very flavorful, but on the other hand the green sauce lacked flavor.

 “I liked the chicken with the white sauce but without it the sauce the chicken was under seasoned. I liked the flat bread because it had that perfect char on the bottom with a soft texture. Overall I give it a 9.5/10,” junior Hadi Siddique said.

The restaurant was clean and well decorated with a marble floor. One thing that wasn’t pleasant was the road noise because it was right next to a busy road. The location in Annandale has much less noise but the seating arrangements were worse.

The employees were nice and helpful when I came into the store. They didn’t have a separate pick up line which doesn’t come in handy especially when they are very busy.

If you go at night then you should expect a 20 minute plus wait which is standard for a restaurant this popular. If you are going, I recommend going in the evening because it is relaxed with not a lot of people.

You can order off many delivery apps for pick up such as uber eas and doordash. You can also order from their website and the wait is around ten to 20 minutes depending on the time of day. 

Personally I would give this restaurant a 9.5/10 just because of the road noise. Overall I would recommend this restaurant because the food was amazing and the customer service was amazing. They are located at 3400 Columbia Pike Arlington, Virginia or 6920 Braddock Rd Suite G Annandale, Virginia. I highly recommend that you give it a try.