Everything you need to know for 2022 Homecoming Week

Now that we have entered and adjusted to the new school year, homecoming season has finally arrived. The AHS Leadership team has been hard at work preparing for our homecoming and the many events and spirit days that lead up to the special dance.

On Oct. 15, AHS will be having our homecoming dance at approximately 8 p.m., with doors closing at 9 p.m. The theme for this year’s dance is Starry Night and it is being held in the school parking lot at 8 p.m., with doors closing at 9 p.m.

“Students can buy tickets on My School Bucks. On [Oct. 7], tickets will cost $20, but starting Oct. 11, tickets will cost $25” leadership teacher Willa Boothe said.

We also have many spirit days leading up to Homecoming. On Tuesday, we have Adam Sandler day, on Wednesday we have Brains vs. Brawns, on Thursday we have Little Miss/Mr. Meme Day, and on Friday it’s Blackout Day, with seniors having the option to wear togas.

We also have many events throughout Homecoming week. On Oct. 12, there is a movie night to help raise money for the Class of 2023, and on Friday we have the Homecoming pep rEveally during school, where the underclassmen Homecoming court will be announced, the Tailgate party before the football game, and the Homecoming football game against Hayfield, where the Senior Homecoming court will be announced.

“I’m just super excited for Friday because I love the tailgate, the homecoming pep rally, and the homecoming football game,” junior class president Semir Ali said. 

Our Leadership team has been hard at work preparing for Homecoming week; creating posters to promote the upcoming spirit days and working on decorating the parking lot for the Homecoming dance.

“The event I am most excited for the Homecoming pep rally on Friday,” sophomore Sara Nagle said. Nagle is a leadership student, and has been working hard alongside her peers to create an enjoyable homecoming experience for all students.