• Graduation is on June 20th

  • Today is a red day.

  • The Annual Award ceremony is on June 9th in Watson Auditorium

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  • Students win many awards at annual IB film festival

    Students win many awards at annual IB film festival

    Grace Hogye, Sports Editor

    June 16, 2016

    The AHS IB film class presented its annual film festival on June 15. The festival featured various student-made films that covered a range of genres from documentaries to comedies.   The event was judged by both the audience and a faculty judge panel. After all the films were presented, seniors like Bailey Oliver, took m... READ MORE »»

  • Long checks call for long lines

    Long checks call for long lines

    Binqi Chen, Editorials Editor

    June 6, 2016

    As the year comes to a close, students are counting down the remaining school days and families are finalizing summer plans. Aside from the adventures, beaches and journeys, families should also prepare for the long and tedious airport security checkpoints. It is commonly known that airline checkpoints are time consuming;... READ MORE »»


  • Stop Mount Everest climbs

    Stop Mount Everest climbs

    Julie Nguyen and Binqi Chen

    June 6, 2016

    Standing on top of the world's tallest mountain at 29,029 feet, looking down at the vast scenery is a common dream for many around the world. Those seeking adventure and adrenaline make it their goal to reach the peak on the border separating China and Nepal. However this exciting expedition is prone to many dangers as five... READ MORE »»


  • 911 emergency system broken

    911 emergency system broken

    Judy Nanaw, Health Editor

    June 6, 2016

      Shanel Anderson was delivering newspapers in the dark in Atlanta when her vehicle fell into a pond. Although she knew exactly where she was and repeatedly told 911 the streets she was located on, the 911 dispatchers could not find her on their map. It took emergency services nearly 20 minutes to get to her. Anderson... READ MORE »»

    911 dispatch centers' outdated technology has led to slow responses for urgent care.


Spring Fever

April 19, 2016

Video slams Annandale

Aseal Saed, Editorials Editor

A camera pans over dirty and litter filled streets as a deep voice narrates, "Are you an emotionally disfigured person whose life has gone completely off-track because of your own ...  Read More »

June 6, 2016 • 0 comments


Supreme Court hearing affects Annandale

Kimberly Vaides, In-Depth Editor

This summer, the Supreme Court is expected to reach a verdict on the controversial topic of illegal immigration. President Obama’s executive action would give benefits to...  Read More »

May 18, 2016 • 0 comments

  • How immigrants make America better May 18, 2016
  • Coming to America and leaving my dad May 18, 2016

IB Spotlight: Lara Riad

Halley Thadeus and Rachel Shogren

Q: How do you keep up with your academics and social life? A: I don't have a social life except I try to finish work so I have Friday and Saturday open occasionally. Q:...  Read More »

June 8, 2016 • 0 comments

IB Spotlight: Summer Ayoub

June 8, 2016

Students prep for upcoming school year

June 8, 2016

FCPS summer schoool

June 8, 2016

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The Online Edition of the Annandale High School Newspaper.
The Online Edition of the Annandale High School Newspaper.