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The Devil Inside disappoints

The Devil Inside Scenes of exorcisms taking place, flailing body parts and mindless, psychotic people screaming unintelligible nonsense seemed promising for the type of movie to leave one covered in goose bumps and in shock. Since late 2011, the previews for the Devil Inside had hyped up the film to many prospective viewers.

Many theaters had anticipated lines of people waiting to watch the premiere at midnight on January 6th and although the lines didn’t disappoint, the film did. Despite making $34.5 million on its opening weekend, viewers had no positive words for the film.

Based off of the 1989 case of Maria Rossi and her homicide spree of three people during the process of her exorcism, she was released as not guilty due to the fact that she was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and sent to an institution in Rome. About 20 years later, her daughter Isabella Rossi makes a documentary based on her mother’s case determined to figure out what really happened to her in 1989.

The movie begins and upon arriving to Italy, Isabella takes a class in Vatican City to learn more about exorcisms and ends up meeting two priests who perform unlicensed exorcisms to those who were turned down by the church. After having talked to the priests, Isabella decides to go visit her mother the next day at the Centrino Mental Hospital. Unsure of what her mother’s recollection of events and the validity of them, Isabella tries to get any type of information out of her.

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During the visit, Maria asks Isabella to leave and when she doesn’t Maria begins act up revealing hauntingly true facts of her daughter’s life despite no previous knowledge of the events.

The following day, Isabella meets up with the two priests trying to find out if her mother is insane or demonically possessed. The priests work through the exorcisms, which to them is not only a part of their religion but a science as well.

Going forth with a different exorcism, Isabella and her cameraman prepare the setting as the priests prepare for the exorcism. The scary effect begins to pick up as the women’s body is shown as one of the priests lifts the covers off of her, the sight of her tangled body brings out a few shrieks from the audience as they cant help but stare at her disturbing contorted body.

The fear is palpatable in the theater as the women says Isabella’s name even though it was never said and breaks free from her bed crawling onto the walls. Eventually, they grab hold of her and things settle down. Convinced that her mother may be possessed Isabella takes a chance and its agreed that her mother will be exorcised one more time.

All hell breaks loose in the same fashion as the previous woman and the mother appears to be “exorcised” afterwards. Time passes and it’s obvious to viewers that the spirit once within Maria has traveled to one of the priests.

As if the film couldn’t be more predictable, during the baptism of a baby the priest shows “signs of possession” as Isabella and her cameramen try to stop the priest from harming the baby.

Suddenly, the police come and before you know it, the priest has killed himself and Isabella’s wounded rushed to the hospital. The other priest realizes the demonic spirit travels from person to person and he rushes to the hospital unsure of who is possessed.

Already too late, Isabella has gone mad attacking everyone she can get her hands on. The spirit seems to multiply and everyone is becoming ‘infected with the demon’ until the priest is the only one left.

At the conclusion of the movie where viewers expect to have a small explanation, we are left only with a website telling the audience to look into for more information of the Rossi case there.

Don’t buy into the hype; The Devil Inside is a waste of time and money. The ending only added to the frustration and confusion viewers felt. Its lack of a solid plot and ending the scary effects of the movie alone still don’t make the movie worth watching or waiting for it on DVD.

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The Devil Inside disappoints