Movie Review: A Castle for Christmas

We’re going back to the classics, Dukes, Castles, and Scottish accents.

Netflix’s newest Christmas movie, A Castle for Christmas follows a bestselling author, Sophie Brown, played by Brooke Shields, involved in a very controversial scandal due to one of her latest books. As a result, she decides to take a vacation to Scotland to find the castle where one of her grandfathers’ worked when he was a little kid.

I thought this was a cute cheesy Christmas movie. Of course, it wasn’t the best Christmas movie on the planet, but it was good enough to keep the viewers’ attention. The acting was mostly good, but there were parts where it was pretty noticeable that it was staged.

In most romance movies, our main characters are in high school or early twenties. However, in this movie, our two heroines and the main cast are adults who probably have children and have experienced the downfall of young love and harsh divorces.

I really appreciated that the movie’s writers, Ally Carter and Kim Beyer-Johnson, added some Scotland traditions like Kilts and Scottish songs to the film. These tiny elements made viewers enjoy the different traditions of Scotland. In addition, the cinematography of this movie also helped viewers’ feel Scottish vibes.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quick, not too much effort Christmas movie or something to get you in a holiday mood, you should check out, A Castle for Christmas.