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‘The Call’ is a must-see

Halle Berry plays a 911 operator in “The Call.”

As a 911 operator, you can’t become emotionally attached or make promises, because there are no guarantees. Jordan Turner broke the code and disaster struck.


Halle Berry, well known for multitude of Hollywood roles, including her portrayal of Storm in X-Men, plays Turner in “The Call”, a veteran 911 phone operator who seeks closure after dealing with a ruthless killer and the death of a little girl.


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This movie exudes thriller from the beginning to end. As the movie starts, viewers instantly get a look inside the life of a 911 operator. From senseless calls about animal control to burglaries and murders, being an operator is frantic and stressful.


Turner is on the job and takes a break with her boyfriend, Officer Paul Phillips, who is played by Morris Chestnut (of Boyz n the Hood fame). Coming back, she gets a disturbing call from a teenage girl named Leah Templeton. This scene was the spark of the endless thrill.


Jordan tries to help the girl but fails and instantly blames herself. After Leah is found dead weeks later, Jordan suffers from anxiety and quits her job.


During this scene, the director did a commendable  job  illustrating  Leah’s kidnapping scene by using close face shots and enhancing small sounds such as footsteps, breaking glass and heavy breathing. Evie Thompson, the actress playing Leah, did a remarkable job in this scene as well. From her  loud screams to her silent whimpers, she definitely started off the movie on a good note.


Six months later, after finding Leah Templeton, the LAPD gets a frightening call from another teen girl. Casey Welson, played by Abigail Breslin (best known for playing Olive Hoover in Little Miss Sunshine), has been kidnapped at the mall and is in great danger. Jordan Turner takes the call and remains on the line to comfort Casey the whole time. Despite having all the odds against them, Jordan invents elaborate ways to get Casey noticed by the police.


The music in the movie played a huge role in making this scene dramatic. The director also did an amazing job in the chase scene as well, especially when the kidnapper brutally breaks a car, stabs a man for being suspicious and calls the police.


At the peak of the story, kidnapper Michael Foster, played by Michael Eklund, finds the phone and talks to Jordan which was a similar situation to the case of Leah. After Foster repeats the same phrase said before Leah died, Jordan Turner immediately takes matter into her own hands as she searches for justice and closure.


Eklund stole the movie with his acting ability.  He was great at portraying a psychotic killer with a sad past and history.  The director also did an excellent job tying the whole movie together. Repeated phrases such as “it’s already been done” and “ we are fighters, I need you to fight for me” fulfilled the ending of the movie.

This movie is suspenseful and will leave you at the edge of your seat. From a mentally disturbed killer to a horrified girl, the cast did an impeccable job portraying their characters. Save up some money and go see this movie.

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Nuhami Mandefro, Entertainment Editor
Nuhami Mandefro is the Entertainment Editor for the A-Blast. She is a senior and has been a journalism student for since her freshman. This is her second year as an editor; she was previously a staff writer and the Entertainment Editor. Nuhami also participates in Track, a tutor for Atom Writing Center (AWC), and is a club member of the BCAA (Black Culture Awareness Association) and GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance). She loves being an Atom and is a proud member of the hype squad. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family during the weekend.

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‘The Call’ is a must-see