Girls lacrosse takes districts 17-8


With 12 wins and 3 losses, the female Atoms took the field Thursday against the West Potomac Wolverines, knowing that this game could make or break their ranking in the AAA Patriot District.

On the starting line-up for the first time was junior Natalie Johnson, filling in for injured senior defender Monica Athey. Junior Kate Bermingham was also in the starting line-up after returning from an ankle injury.

Sporting her signature mismatched shoes, Maggie Bermingham got the game off to a positive start by scoring the Atoms’ first goal. Two more goals were made by Annandale before West Potomac’s first goal was scored with an eight-meter shot.

Trouble soon arose, however, when Junior Casey Britton received a yellow card 13 minutes into the game, forcing Annandale to play a man down until the penalty was released three minutes later.

Though disadvantaged by their three subs to West Potomac’s eight, the girls ended the first 20 minutes with a five point lead of 10 to 5.

In attendance to this important game was the entire boys varsity lacrosse team and Principal John Ponton, a well-deserved special audience for the girls after a week of hard preparation.

“We did sprints at the end of every practice this week and focused as a team,” said freshman Paige Britton.

The final half ended with the team running the clock and a nine point victory over the Wolverines.

“I thought the team played very well together, they were speedy, tough on D, and had a variety of shooters and scorers; they switched it up. It was all good,” said Head Coach Cindy Hook.

Senior Maggie Craig contributed greatly in the win by constantly cutting towards her midfielders to move the ball more quickly. The attack player has the highest number of assists on the team.

“I think this game showed what we need to improve on; re-insured our motivation,” said Senior Sam Sofge, showing that despite their success, the girls varsity lacrosse team still has regionals to work for.

The Atoms’ second district tournament game, which was played Monday night against the West Springfield Spartans, ended too late to be covered in this issue.