Player Profile: Junior Lotongo


Junior Junior Lotongo defends against an opponent in bounding the ball in a game against Stuart this season.

Luke Elkins, Sports Editor

Junior Lotongo is a junior in his second year playing varsity basketball for the Atoms. He is looking to be a leader on this year’s squad. So far this season he is averaging 14 points per game.

How long have you been playing basketball?
I have been playing basketball since the fourth grade.

How did you discover your interest in basketball?
My sister got me into basketball. She let me watch it with her all the time and I eventually fell in love with it.

Who is your favorite basketball player and why?
My favorite player is Kevin Durant, because of how versatile he is.

What inspires you to play basketball?
What inspires me to play basketball is my mom, my family, and my friends. I want to bring my family and close friends to the top with me.

How have your friends and family supported you?
They come to games with me, give me rides to the gym, and they give me the best advice.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?
The best advice I’ve ever gotten is “shooters shoot.”

What’s your daily training routine?
My daily training routine is: First, when I get to the gym, I stretch. Then, I lift and work on ball handling. After that, I shoot around 100 free throws and like 250 jump shots. Then, I run 5 on 5. I usually do all this with [junior] Amir [Aburish].

What is your favorite move to do in game?
My favorite move is the AI crossover.

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I like to eat Chick-Fil-A.

What’s your favorite song to listen to before a game to get pumped up?
My favorite song to listen to before a game is “We Don’t Luv Em” by Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

What other sports do you play?
I play a little bit of football.

What’s your favorite part about playing basketball?
My favorite part about playing basketball is when the game gets close at the end of the game. Both teams start fighting really hard to win.

What advice would you give to basketball beginners?
Some advice I would give is the advice my coaches give me now: “If you want to get somewhere you’ve never been, you have to do stuff you’ve never done.”

What are your goals/expectations for the season?
My goal for the season is for our team to win the district.