Teams win distrct tournaments

Eyob Dagnachew, Sports X-tra Editor

While playing in a sports team competition with other schools is natural and all players understand that it is part of the team experience. Playing against other schools can give teams very important information on how to improve as a team.
A teams main goal when playing other team is to win as much as possible. The most direct way to achieve this is the district tournaments.
These District tournaments are much more organized which allows teams to play more games much more efficiently.with this game after game mentality teams are forced to adapt to their opponents much more quickly.
Along with this rapid adaptation causes a team to grow much faster than if the entire season was taken up by on-off games that happen once or twice a week.
Other than the quicker pace of the game the District Tournament gives teams a much clearer goal than to just win more games.
The idea of winning the District tournament can make a teams drive to win more intense. you can see all of these effects take place as a good amount of our teams like Girls Tennis and Boys Lacrosse have already their district tournaments.
Another benefit of the increased frequency of the games is that it forces the teams to adapt quickly to their opponents and as a result grow better as a team.
Along with forcing teams to adapt quickly to their opponents there is another important benefit to the district tournaments and is that it gives the team a more defined goal.
The goal of winning a tournament can increase a teams drive to win more than the goal to win more games this season. We can already see these in effect with some of our teams winning their district tournaments such as boys lacrosse and girls tennis.