Alumni postcard: Roger Craig, ’94


What college did you attend?

I went to Virginia Tech as an undergraduate and majored in Biochemistry and Biology. Then, I went to University of Delaware for graduate school and received my graduate degree in Computer Science.

What activities were you involved in at AHS?

At AHS, I did as much as I could regarding extracurriculars. I was in the chess club, on the It’s Academic and Science Bowl teams. I also lettered in golf and did Model United Nations.

What were your favorite memories from AHS?

Favorite memories are hanging out and having fun with friends. Dating and graduating were a lot of fun as well!

Who were your favorite teachers and what were your favorite subjects at AHS?

I really enjoyed all my subjects in high school, but probably shop or electronics was my favorite. It was fun to make things. All my teachers were great, but Mr. Leinwohl, Mr. Rice, Mrs. Rice (no relation) and Mr. Martin really stand out. Also, Mrs. Walters (chemistry) Mrs. Vilotti (psychology), Mrs. Abel (calculus) and Mrs. Rhoda Brown (pre-calculus) were awesome teachers as well!

What helped you while at AHS for college?

What helped me the most to prepare for college was taking as many different classes as possible and challenging myself as much as possible. That would be my advice; and while it’s very important to have fun and enjoy one’s self, it’s better (and easier) to put the hard work in as early as possible. It pays dividends down the road.

What is the best part about college?

The best part about college is all the new people you meet and friends that you make.