Kimchi Pancakes with Chef Jeff


Chef Jeff Harris from the Wales Culinary school came to come visit and cook with the atoms for the fourth year in a row.


This year, Harris came during Chef Anwyll’s W6 and W8 class periods to cook Japanese kimchi pancakes. Annandale is not the only school Chef Harris has come to visit “I go to high schools from Maryland down to Georgia.


“I go to 160 different high schools every year,” said Harris. He works as a culinary admissions prester for Wales University. Therefor, he comes to high schools around the world in order to demonstrate his culinary skills, as well as provide information sessions regarding college.


Chef Harris cooks a variety of meals, but whenever he’s cooking for the atoms “It’s usually something that I enjoy eating cause ya know food, why not? I try to make something cultural as well. If students haven’t had a chance to try before,” said Chef Jeff Harris. “So today we made kimchee pancakes with some Korean sesame pickles. Before I’ve done like pupusas, egg rolls, curry and falafels. It just depends on the year.”


If you want to cook like Chef Jeff you’ll have to start now because he’s been cooking for 10 years! “I started when I was a sophomore in high school” said Chef.


When Chef Jeff comes to cook, he won’t cook alone. He has one or two student come up every class. In W6 Cheff Jeff took of his hat and had sophomore volunteer Chef Yakoub help him cook and cut up a kimchi pancakes.