Legal Seafood: Bringing a taste of the beach to NoVa


Take your taste pallet to the sea with Legal Seafood’s amazing seafood dishes. With its many locations in Tysons’, Mclean,  Arlington and Washington D.C. it is well worth the trip. The restaurant’s menu offers a wide range of seafood delights.

When my cousin and I entered the wonderful atmosphere of the restaurant, I was completely taken back. We were met by a server and taken to a quaint booth deep in the back of the restaurant. Our server came to ask for our drinks and throughout the dinner, he was very attentive to minute details. I could genuinely say that throughout the night he was a phenomenal server. He clearly takes pride in his work and insures that his customers have a pleasurable experience.

My cousin and I started off with the marvelous mouthwatering bread that they serve. For an appetizer, we began with a mixture of steamed and fried shrimp wontons served with a seaweed salad. The wontons were incredible but the seaweed salad was my favorite part of the meal.

Our first entrée was Fisherman’s Platter, a combination of calamari, clams, and whitefish. The other entrée was the Flounder Imperial; imperial means that the flounder is stuffed with crab. It came with a side order of bacon brussels and rice, but I substituted the rice for mashed potatoes.

Words cannot describe how fantastic the entire meal was.  It was my first seafood restaurant experience and I was outstandingly surprised by how much I enjoy the seafood. I would recommend this restaurant for anyone who loves seafood.

Grade: A-

The location offers insufficient parking.