Students prefer packed lunches

At all schools in FCPS, students are offered a variety of food options to choose from. Five food lines like the American line, the Asian line, the Mexican line and the fresh express line give students many choices.
Some food items you can get are macaroni and cheese, corn dogs, nachos, salads and wraps.

Although this might sound good to you, some kids prefer to pack their lunch from home so that they can eat exactly what they want and know exactly what is in it.

A lot of students complain that the food is not what they like or that they are getting used to eating the same flavors every day. However, a majority of the students at AHS prefer to buy the school lunch because of the time efficiency.
Each meal from school comes packed with nutrients needed to keep you running for the rest of the school day.
The average meal contains about 300 calories. On the Nutrislice website, it tells you exactly what is in each meal.

When going through the line, you choose between chocolate milk or regular milk. Then you choose the entrée that you would like, based on which line you go through. Finally, you get to select your desired fruits and veggies and sauces for the meal.
“Personally I do not have a problem with the school lunch,“ junior Ashley Villitoro said. “There are some things that are actually pretty good.”

For some students, the school lunch is a really good way to get free meals.
Almost 70 percent of students qualify for free or reduced lunch, which allows students to receive free meals or meals for a cheaper price. The program is a great way to help less fortunate students who do not have the opportunity to purchase lunch or breakfast.

When packing lunch, you know almost exactly what is in it since you’re choosing it yourself.
On the other hand, some people complain that packing lunch is time consuming and annoying to carry around.
“I like to pack my lunch because I just prefer to bring what I like from my house instead of having to rely on the school lunch,” junior Lara Dib said, “I really only eat the school lunch when I have to.”
Some of the things that students bring from home as their lunch are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pasta, salads, sandwiches and more.

“Honestly, for me it is a lot easier to bring lunch from home,” junior Nalin Rawat said, “I typically just bring the leftovers from what I had for dinner, that way I know that I like it.”
When one looks at the choices that are available with each option, it is clear to see why people prefer to bring lunch rather than buy what the school provides.